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In previous years, we have offered Thornton CO residents and business owners the most affordable way to prevent appliance failure.

When it comes to dryer repair, our service standard is no different. We have managed many different types of dryer repair in Thornton CO. Quite a few of our clients are laundromat owners, property managers, rental property owners, and so on.

Do you know how we come about your dryer repair quote by any chance? Well, first we get one of our repairmen to go to your Thornton CO location to eye out the damaged or defective appliance. Then we have a feel for what’s wrong and how we can fix it; once we know what to do, we will be aware of the dryer parts that are needed. This makes it easy to quote you a price at we now have the cost of the dryer parts and or labor to factor in. After the dryer repair is done, we will give you the actual invoice which will mostly differ based on the rate we pay for your dryer parts in Thornton CO.

We typically pull rates based on the values posted in the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide. If you are unsure of whether our Thornton dryer repair is really the most affordable, just consider the fact that we won’t bill for anything else. You are only responsible for the parts, and our labor-based service fee. We see to it that each dryer repair in Thornton CO handled by one of our appliance repair professionals is done to perfection.

If you aren’t sure what you are facing and want an expert to help clear it up, give us a call to talk about what’s going on with your dryer. As soon as you are ready to pull the trigger, we will have a repair tech come visit you.

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There are tens of thousands of dryer fires every year. Those homeowners all say the same thing: "I never thought it would happen to me." as they ignored their lint tray and vents. You need to be serious about this; invest in a specialty lint brush for your dryer. They are able to get into areas you cannot reach. You can also get a vent brush to get inside the ducts. Further, when working around the appliance you could get rid of any accumulated dirt or lint with a shop vacuum.

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